There are hundreds of great jobs  in USA for students Here, you can easily find jobs related to the major fields of your study.

Are you a student who just won a scholarship to study in the United state of America? Congratulations on the scholarship. In today’s article, I am going to show you some job opportunities that you can take up to sustain your self in the US. These jobs may be full time or part time.

Lists of jobs in USA for students.

The following are jobs  for students in the USA.

  1. Goods delivery rider
  2. Warehouse goods packager 
  3. Students attendant 
  4. Busser

Are you interested in any of these? If you’re nodding your head right now, you can apply. Let us go in details.

1. Good delivery attendants

There are job opportunities for individuals with pro-efficient riding skills who can deliver goods from one location to another in the USA. Jimmy John sandwiches LTD opens this job for interested individual including students to apply. As I have mentioned before, if you’re a student, you can quickly take up this job without hesitation. The average payment by this reputable organization is $20 per hour. As a student, or prospective job seekers, you can apply.

The requirement for this job

  • Applicant must be 18 years and above
  • Applicant must act quick to customers’ needs (quick delivery)
  • Applicant must be US permanent resident or citizen
  • Applicant must be computer literate. If you have the above listed qualities, you’re good to go!

To apply for this job, click on the link below for more enquiry

2. Warehouse goods packager

Can you put goods in containers or a container? Can you package goods in a warehouse? There is an opportunity waiting for an interested person like you at FedEx group company to work as a package director or handler. Interested students can also submit applications for the job.

 To be eligible, you must have grand knowledge about how to package goods, how to deal with fragile products, and the ability to carry products within the company. Since the works are laborious, this company pays $21 per hour.

If you’re interested and want to know more about how to apply


3. Student  attraction attendants

The University of Kentucky in the Uk offers job opportunities for Uk citizens to work as attraction attendants for students.

The deadline for the job is on the 25th of September 2022. Workers in this organization are paid 13 dollars per hour.

These jobs are reserved for UK citizens only. For more inquiries, visit their official website below

4. Busser job

Do you want to work as a busser in an organization? Have you been finding busser jobs that are high paying? If yes, this golden opportunity is for you. This opportunity is open at the DBMC restaurant in Gonzales. If you know how to clean tables, chairs, and perform any other related work. You can apply for this job.

In addition, students can apply for this job and earn almost 68 dollars daily.

To apply click on the link below


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